Our Artists

We currently offer selected works of 3 artists:
David Kupferman an abstract painter and Boston native who has made Fairfield his home
Miriam Hospodar who now lives in the San Francisco Bay area
Terrence Kennedy, Mixed media painter and photographer living here now from the west coast


Art-DK/sky-current Sky Current $0.00


Art-DK/red-for-window Red Earth $0.00


Art-DK/rhytmic-blues Rhythmic Blues $0.00


Shiva.jpg Shiva $129.00

The essence of Shiva. Crest Jewel's own Becca Ferry is getting known for her "essence paintings". Each is a transmission painted in silence in a setting inspiring her to come close to the true nature of the subject she is portraying.  Click here to see more examples of her creations. Giclee prints unframed.