Cashmere, Pashmina and Silk

At Crest Jewel we look for the softest woolens, cashmeres and pashminas as well as unique warm woven fabrics. We specialize in natural undyed cashmere. Some of the cashmere goats have soft white fluffy fleece which is the source for our natural undyed white cashmere. We prefer cream and brown colors in their natural state, not bleached. We currently have some long thinner blankets (50-50-wool/cashmere) in natural cream, taupe, and darker taupe. They are more than 7' long and make perfect year round meditation blankets. They are $230 each. Call if you are interested.

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cashmere/2016/Golden-silk-pashmina-200.jpg Pashmina/Silk Shawl $45.00
60% Pashmina/40% Silk Shawls in assorted colors. Very fine, nearly a ring shawl. A wonderful year round shawl. Wear as a scarf in the winter and even use as a wrap or mediation shawl in warmer seasons. Comes in many colors to be posted shortly.


cashmere/2016/2-tone-color-wool-shawls-200.jpg 100% Wool shawl $85.00
Two Toned wool shawls. Earthen colors on 1 side, pale tan on other or darker cocoa on some. Rusts, Greens, Tans


cashmere/2016/Yak-red-200.jpg Red Floral Jacquard of Yak Fiber $290.00
This shawl is glorious. Detailed floral pattern woven in many reds. 38" x 82" A most exquisite coverlet for your living space. A real work of art!


cashmere/2016/yak-cream-200.jpg Cream Jacquard Yak Fiber Shawl $290.00
38" x 82" Shawl 100% Yak Fiber. The most exquisite jacquard floral pattern with paisleys throughout.


cashmere/2016/Yak-dark-200.jpg Darker Jacquard Shawl of Yak Fiber $290.00
100% Yak fiber shawl in the most exquisite woven pattern. 38" x 82" Shawl. Makes a great coverlet.


cashmere/2016/multi-color-shade-200.jpg Shaded Multi Color Pashmina $100.00
Shaded colors in golds blues and pinks in a spectacular shimmering stole 60% Pashmina/40% Silk


cashmere/2016/muga-cashmere-200.jpg Gold Muga Silk and Cashmere Shawl $400.00
Exquisite Golden Muga Silk on 1 side and pale lavender cashmere on the other. Glorious!!! Shawl size - 38" x 76"


cashmere/2016/Muga-thick-silk-200.jpg Heavy Silk Stoles $260.00
These 100% silk stoles are tightly woven creating a heavier shawl more like rayonor wool. The color is a natural muga like tan-gold and many are two-toned with a reverse side in pastel colors like lavender. 31" x 73"


cashmere/2016/blue-needle-embroidery-200.jpg Needle Embroidered Stole $210.00
Overall needle embroidery on wool. Currently 3 colors available: Blue, golden brown, 28" x 80"


cashmere/2016/needle-embroidered-cream-shawl-200.jpg Needle Embroidered Cream Wool Shawl $299.00
Beautiful hand needle embroidery on this soft creamy shawl really sets this one apart.


cashmere/2016/crewel-wool-cream-200.jpg Crewel Embroidered Wool Shawl $299.00
softest cream colored wool shawl with beautiful overall crewel embroidery with peach colored thread.