Incense and Oils

We search the world for our favorite scents and offer our "edit" for your discernment. We always welcome your discoveries and happily add them to our collection. Here we feature our current favorites though we have many more available in the store. Feel free to call with your requests.

We have depleted our supply of our own sandalwood incense that so many love. So far we have not been able to match the quality we had before. For now we offer the best sandalwood we can find at this time.

Coming soon a Japanese sandalwood you may like that is light and pure.

Along with our edit of the best sandalwood incense and essential oil available, you can try the sweetest rose incense and rose oil and the frankincense that surpasses all others!

Regarding the old Lakshmi brand incense now called Yoga Brand we are carrying it once again at the request of many of our customers who seem to like the fragrance and the price but it still isn't up to snuff! The international boycott seems to be encouraging an improvement in the formula and quality of its ingredients.

Sandalwood Oil continues to increase in price with each order from our sources. To keep it affordable we will no longer offer what was previously our large $90 bottle as the price is now way beyond that. We will start bottling in a very small more affordable vial until something changes price wise.

Incense/auromere_sandalwood-150.jpg Auromere Sandalwood $3.75
$3.75. Our favorite sandalwood incense in 2016.


Maui Lani Sandalwood Incense $2.50
Our second favorite sandalwood incense in 2016. Sticks are thin, scent is light.


Incense/Yellow_box-final-150.jpg Yoga Brand Sandalwood Incense $28.00
This used to be everyone's favorite. It is no longer our favorite but some still love it. It is only available here by request. We suggest that you try a pack first before you order a box. We do sell the box for $28. There is a warning here. If you have not ordered this in the past 4 or 5 years test it out again. The formula has changed and it's not what it was like 10 years ago. They have however recently improved the formula.


Incense/sand-pwd-166.jpg Sandalwood Powder $20.00
100% pure chandanam, packed in airtight zip-lock bags. We now carry 2 versions. The price on our regular chandanam has increased significantly but we are continuing with it because it does have a nice fragrance. As soon as it's packaged we will post the price.


Dark Sandalwood Powder $5.00
Costing less than our regular version but much less expensive. Dark color and very fragrant. We'll have it photographed, packaged and priced very soon.


rose5 Rose Incense $5.00
The best rose incense - very sweet and fragrant. We have searched the world for the finest rose incense and we finally found it. As with any concentrated fragrance you need only burn the smallest amount to fill your room with delectable sweetness. 9 fragrant sticks. Use them as a sachet!


rose Rose Oil $59.00
1/8 ounce of the most celestial rose essential oil. There is no scent more refined, more uplifting or with a higher vibration. Infinitely more alluring than Joy. This is the scent of pure unconditional love!


Incense/MN_Frankincense_and_Myrrh-150.jpg Mt. Naturals Frankincense and Myrrh $10.00
$10. Our favorite is Frankincense and Myrrh. . A marvelous resin incense dripping with crystaline resin that clearly puts one in the holiday mood!